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Consumer Auto
Repair Loans

Unexpected car repairs stressing you out?
Do you need a way to smooth out your bills and expenses?

It’s time to take control of your financial situation and understand your options when it comes to one of your largest expenses. Maintaining your vehicle!

When it comes to vehicle repairs, you shouldn’t have to stress about paying. Especially, when they’re required for you or your family’s safety. At GoToLoans we provide instant approval Auto Repair Loans ranging from $500 to $10,000 up to 48-month terms. Click “Apply Now” and tell us about your vehicle to see how much you can qualify for in under a minute.

Benefits of Auto Repair Loans

Easy Process

Take up to 4 years to pay, where loans are available from $500 (only a 12 month term) to $10,000! Getting a GoToLoans Auto Repair Loan is fully paperless and extremely efficient. You will not be disappointed in the ease of getting a vehicle repair loan.

Convenient Payment Plans

With car repair loans from $500 to $10,000, most repairs can be covered with a GoToLoans Auto Repair Loan. You can also select the term of your vehicle repair loan from 12 months all the way to 48 months depending on your requirements.

No Credit Checks or Income Verification

Unlike conventional lenders, GoToLoans will provide you an approval based on the value of your vehicle. So your past credit history and your ability to prove income is no longer required or taken into account, only the current value of your vehicle.

We cover all necessary vehicle repairs

If your vehicle requires any mechanical repairs, body work, or even rims and tires, then GoTo Loans has you covered. As long as you are getting necessary vehicle repairs that require the labour of an authorized installer, your car repairs should be good to go (certain restrictions on the type of repairs do apply, so please confirm ahead of time)!

Getting an Auto Repair Loan through
Go To Loans is quick and convenient.

All you need to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Tell us about your car

Once you enter your vehicle information, our system will provide you with instant approval! No credit checks or personal information are required to get approved.

Step 2: Cutomize your Loan

This is where you can get to select your loan amount, choose the length of your loan term, and how often you will make payments – your loan on your terms.

Step 3: Upload your documents

When you are ready to accept the loan, you can then seamlessly upload a picture of your driver’s license, vehicle ownership and insurance, and a copy of a cheque or a Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement. That’s it! That’s all we need!

Step 4: Sign the Loan Agreements

Once you and your mechanic upload all required documents and they have been verified by Go To Loans, you will receive an email with a link to choose your first payment date and then electronically sign the loan agreement. No papers, no hassles.

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