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Adding GoTo Loans as
a Loss Payee

Once you’re approved for a payment plan with GoTo Loans, you’ll need to add GoTo Loans Inc. to your auto insurance policy. It’s quick, easy, and won’t affect your insurance premium.

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*First Loss Payee is the party who first receives any insurance payout due to events such as accident or theft to cover any outstanding balance owed to the debtor(s).

To add GoTo Loans
to your policy:


Contact your broker or insurance agent


Request to add: “GoTo Loans Inc.” as the “First Loss Payee”* on your policy.

Your broker or agent will require our address to make the change:


GoTo Loans
3-1136 Centre St., Suite 427
Thornhill, ON
L4J 3M8


If you need a little time to complete this step, you may simply pay a small monthly fee until we’re added to your policy.


Let us know you’ve made the change to your policy by:

Uploading a photo of the confirmation into your GoTo Loans account.
Emailing proof of confirmation to [email protected]

We accept any form of confirmation provided by your insurance company or broker confirming that GoTo Loans is listed as the “First Loss Payee” on your policy.

If you deal directly with your insurance provider, they’ll already have a standard form on file.

If you work with an insurance broker, you can ask them to fill out this form to confirm all the information we need.