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Auto Repair
Payment Plans in the
Age of Technology

GoTo Loans simplifies the payment approval process for you and your customers.

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Record Speed

Our technology gets your customers funded in under 10 minutes.

Customers are instantly approved for a payment plan before entering their personal information. Simply enter the vehicle details into our loan calculator and let your customer know how much they’re eligible to borrow.  If your customer chooses to accept the loan, they are invited via email to take over the process from their smartphone. Once your customer is finished creating their profile, the GoTo Loans platform will ask you to provide basic verification photos and a copy of the signed repair invoice so we can issue your payment.

Increased Sales

Our platform exposes you to thousands of potential customers right when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision.

Customers who arrive on our website seek a quick, alternative lending solution that is sensitive to their privacy, and doesn’t require personal credit information. They are savvy, informed, and ready to make a purchasing decision usually within 24 hours.  Our leads have converted into millions of dollars worth of sales for mechanics. Create a GoTo Loans profile to take advantage of our high-quality web traffic.  Amplify your GoTo Loans profile by offering your customers a promotional interest rate and benefit with premium placement at the top of our search pages.




Marketing Insight

Know where your leads are coming from and understand customer behaviour.

Use GoTo Loans custom referral links with live-time tracking tools to create unlimited URL links for your payment plan marketing campaigns.  Our platform provides downloadable, detailed reporting, enabling you to stay on top of your performance and promotional conversion rates. Easily convert reports into spreadsheets to help you plan future marketing campaigns.

Convert Online Traffic Into Sales

Use our leading auto industry online lead conversion tools for free.

It takes less than 5 minutes to install the GoTo Loans widget on your website.  Your customers are approved for a payment plan and begin processing their loan without ever leaving your website.



Head Office Support

Manage and monitor multiple locations from a single account.

Create a GoTo Loans Head Office account to view activity and manage promotional offers across your entire network of locations. For added convenience, you can download all location activity into a single spreadsheet.


Promotional Financing Program

Increase sales with our promotions

Our partners see increased sales by taking advantage of GoTo Loans extended payment plans, offering deferral periods, and leveraging promotional interest rates. Login to your GoTo Loans account and visit your “Promotion Centre” to manage customer incentive programs and gain an edge on your competition.

Once you sign up, you are eligible to offer your customers the following:

– No interest AND no payment for 90 days
– No payments for 100 days
– No-interest equal payments for 24 months